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Say goodbye to the days of splitting bills with random people. Discover roommates who are more than just co-habitants; they're compatible with your interests and lifestyle, and they feel like friends—they're FriendsMates. Whether you're health-conscious, an entrepreneur, or an artist, find someone who makes coming home the best part of your day."

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Why Friendsmates?

For the last 12 years, our community has flourished organically, by word-of-mouth. Our religion is love and our culture is growth and connection. FriendsMates is for people who believe there’s more to sharing a home than just splitting bills.

  • We also care about protecting from scams, so we offer ID Verification to ensure trust and we monitor for suspicious activity.
  • You get instant access into an entire community of people. Perfect if you’re new to town or want to make new friends!
  • Join our online chats where you can ask questions, share things for sale, and more. .
  • Oh, and it’s FREE to use!
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